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Super Natura-Viga

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Product Description

Super Natura-Viga has new powerful ingredients using an improved formula. A true safe and natural product to improve vigour and vitality - the natural alternative for both men and women! Natura-Viga is still one of our best selling products with hundreds of thousands of pots sold over the last 10 years since it first appeared, with a constant flow of rave reviews from users. Now we are proud to introduce this new formula designed to perfectly compliment the existing product. Carefully formulated in a British production laboratory, Super Natura-Viga offers you the opportunity to boost your sexual fitness to new levels. Each ingredient carries with it a reputation for the desired effect,

Super Natura-Viga contains L-Arginine (helps create the perfect conditions for strong erections), Damiana Aphrodisiaca (has one of the strongest reputations for building enhanced sexual activity. Damiana contains beta-sitosterol and various aromatic oils that have stimulant effects), Panax Ginseng (the centuries old aphrodisiac as well as an excellent general tonic), Discorea (Mexican Yam - helps improve stress management, ageing, fatigue and sexual functioning), Guarana (a strong tonic effect for sexual stamina), Tribulus Terrestris (the natural male hormone precursor), Maca (a South American herb with proven track record), Horny Goat Weed (fantastic aphrodisiac qualities), Grape Skin Extract (aids circulation and the efficiency of the blood), Cranberry (a tonic for the waterworks!).

Choose 1 tub containing 30 capsules for £25, or choose 3 tubs for £50, which gives you one tub free!

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