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Vacuum Developers
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Vacuum Developers

Vacuum Developer Therapy

The penis consists of a complicated series of blood spaces fed by a complex valve system that draws blood into the penis once you become aroused.

The Penis - detailing Corpus Cavernosa and Corpus Spongiosum
Vacuum Devices - click to see our range


A vacuum developer(commonly referred to as a vacuum or penis pump) aims to increase the size of the blood spaces, usually creating an immediate increase in size.

It is often argued whether the size increase gained by vacuum pumping is permanent. In some cases it can be permanent, but generally it is best to compare it to bodybuilding - in that you need to continue using the pump to maintain the increase in size. For permanent size increase, please see our information sections on weight devices and traction devices.


The flaccid penis is inserted into the cylinder and pumped until an erect penis is achievedHow Do Vacuum Developers Actually Work?

Vacuum developers work by inserting the flaccid penis into the cylinder and pumping until an erect penis is achieved.

By repeatedly drawing a vacuum until the penis is larger than usual, then releasing it, you are training your penis to accept a greater supply of blood. As the blood flows into the spongy tissue that makes up the penis (the Corpus Cavernosa and the Corpus Spongiosum - see diagram) it stretches and expands the cavities that cause the penis to become engorged and hard.

Over a course of time, the penis expands its capacity for blood flow and it is built up rather like bodybuilding. Because of the blood flow created by regular use, potency is also enhanced resulting in a longer, stronger and hotter erection.


The use of penis creams enhances the use of a developer in two ways - firstly they encourage blood flow into the penis, which increases size by engorgement. Secondly they condition the skin and penis tissue making it more supple and therefore more susceptible to the attention of your vacuum developer. Our Red Label Penis Power Gel and Largo Gold Gel all help this process.

The erection is then retained in place by a penis ring and the cylinder removedThe instant benefits of these techniques can be retained for use by using a Penis Ring (see picture) which traps the extra blood in the penis for a short time.

Our range of Vacuum Developers are the very best available on the market. Not to be mistaken for cheaper novelty type developers - our pumps are all of medical standards. Precision made in clear perspex of the highest quality, our cylinders have few rivals. A built in safety valve ensures that the penis cannot be expanded beyond a safe limit. The units themselves are either 8 or 12 inches long, and three different size latex seals ensure that - whatever your penis size - a snug fit can be made.

The seals are available separately so that they can be replaced at any time in the future. We can also supply spare parts for all our developers, ensuring that you enjoy years of service from these wonderful devices!

The developer works by first inserting the flaccid penis into the unit. The pump is repeatedly pressed, creating a vacuum - and usually an erection. As the vacuum increases, the penis expands in size within the tube. If you are seeking enlargement then you pump until the size has increased more than your normal hard erection. When the size of your penis is about 1/2 inch beyond its usual, the valve is depressed, releasing the vacuum. This process is then repeated for about 20-30 minutes every other day.

For information on sizing cylinders please take a look at our Vacuum Cylinder Sizing page.

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