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30 capsules:

Product Description

Using all natural ingredients, Natura-Viga enhances your sexual performance. Its a true safe and natural product to improve vigour and vitality - the natural alternative for both men and women!

Its long been known that certain vitamins, minerals and herbs will work with the body’s natural systems to naturally invigorate them. Throughout history man has used natural substances to enhance sexual libido and sex drive. Natura-Viga was formulated by a British laboratory to provide a natural all in one potency-enhancing product second to none. Natura Viga contains a natural blend of nine vitamins, herbs and other extracts to help pep up your sex life. Users of Natura-Viga have told us how their sex lives have improved and that they have found new heights of pleasure and arousal. Thousands of happy users cannot be wrong!

Each ingredient carries with it a reputation for the desired effect, Natura-Viga contains: Damiana Aphrodisiaca (has one of the strongest reputations for building enhanced sexual activity. Damiana contains beta-sitosterol and various aromatic oils that have stimulant effects), Discorea (Mexican Yam that helps improve stress management, ageing, fatigue and sexual functioning), Panax Ginseng (the centuries old aphrodisiac as well as an excellent general tonic), Lecithin (helps correct sexual weakness. Any deficiency of lecithin in male reproductive fluid is likely to diminish virility), Vitamin E (required for the production of prostaglandins which are the key hormones that promote potency and the erection process), Vitamin B3 (contributes widely to general well being and sexual vigour), Vitamin B1 (a key vitamin that helps excellent circulation - which in turn leads to enhanced potency), Grape Skin Extract (aids circulation and the efficiency of the blood), Zinc (a trace element necessary for sexual maturity).

30 capsules (one months supply) is just £20.00

Save more by purchasing in bulk:-

Get 90 capsules of Natura-Viga (three months supply) for just £40 - save £20!

Get 180 capsules of Natura-Viga (six months supply) for just £70 - save £50!

Get 360 capsules of Natura-Viga (twelve months supply) for just £120 - save £120!

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